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Eric Hamilton

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Repair Experience


- Owner / Proprietor –Concord CA– Repairs by appointment

- Staff Member - Gary Brawer Guitar Repairs – San Francisco

- Owner / Proprietor – (Ann Arbor/Detroit MI) - Repairs by

appointment, authorized guitar warranty

and  Orchestral instrument and bow repairs, restoration &

service center.

 - Staff Member - Shar Products Co., Ann Arbor MI

 - Staff Member - J. F. Naylor Guitars (Reverend Musical Instruments),

Warren MI


Some clients included:

1.       Elderly Instruments, Lansing  MI

2.       Guitar Center, nos. 331, 333, 335 MI

3.       Pyramid Guitars, Roseville MI

4.       Michigan Musical Instrument services, Monroe

5.       Anderson Music Co., Dearborn MI

6.       East Side Music, Roseville MI

7.       Central Music, Madison Hgts. MI

8.       Amato Music, St. Clair Shores MI

9.       Jerry Luck Studios, Roseville MI

10.   A&R Music, Lincoln Park MI

11.   David Burgess fine violins, Ann Arbor MI

12.   Gary Zimnicki Guitars, Allen Park MI

13.   Great Lakes region – area collectors, private clientele –

(service by appointment)

14.   Countrywood Music – Concord


- Authorized Warranty Service Technician

(‘A’ level) for the following manufacturers

(Contact personnel as of 2004)

1.       Fender (Don Wiggins)

2.       Guild (Fender product support)

3.       Ovation/Hamer USA (John Budney)

4.       Gibson (Rame Eskridg)

5.       Jackson/Charvel (Fender product support))

6.       Warwick Basses (Rob Busch)

7.       Martin (Mike Dickenson)

8.       Epiphone (Rame Eskridge)

9.       Gretsch (Fender product support)

10.   Taylor (Terry Myers)

11.   Hamer Import (David Calevrly)

12.   Pedulla Basses (Cust. Svs.)

13.   Earnie Ball/Music Man (Dan McPherson)

14.   B. C. Rich, Dan Electro, OLP (Tim Keys)

15.   Washburn Guitars (Jim Wiora)


- Reverend Musical Instruments (J. F. Naylor Guitars) - 

Head Guitar Technician


- Shar Products Co, Ann Arbor –

Orchestral Stringed Instrument and Bow Technician


Letters of reccomendation

"Since 1996 Eric Hamilton has been a valued provider of Fender Authorized Service. Eric's above average Lutherie skills on both electric and acoustic stringed instruments have earned him a Fender Gold Level Technician Certification, our highest level of recognition. Eric has further distinguished himself by showing complete attention to the service needs of the FMIC consumers and for operating his business in a very professional manner. I would recommend Eric Hamilton to any consumer or prospective employer enthusiastically without hesitation. If you have questions or comments concerning Eric do not hesitate to contact me."


Don Wiggins - Service Support Manager

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Scottsdale AZ


"Eric Hamilton has worked for me from July 91 thru September 93. I have found Eric to be exceptional in the quality of his repair work on any type of electric or acoustic stringed instrument. Having studied under the master violin maker, David Burgess, Eric carries with him the time honored traditions of the great master instrument builders, as well as employing current repair technology for todays demanding musicians. I have always found Eric to be dependable, efficient, and dedicated to his work, as well as enjoyable to work with. Eric would be an asset to any repair facility because of his professional skills, high standards and attitude."


Joseph F. Naylor, Luthier

Reverend Musical Instruments, Detroit MI


"Eric Hamilton has been doing instrument repair work for Elderly Instruments as a sub-contractor since 1993. This work has covered a wide range of repairs, on a varied group of instruments. Many difficult and demanding jobs have been performed just as requested, with excellent results. Service is prompt, as Eric is organized, and easy to work with. In short, Eric is a professional."


Joe Konkoly, Manager, Repair Shop

Elderly Instruments, Lansing MI


"I am pleased to recommend Eric Hamilton as a valuable asset to any repair organization. Eric made significant progress and contributed to our overall effectiveness during the period that he worked for Shar Products. Eric was well liked by his colleagues in the repair shop as well as those in other departments. We would most certainly welcome him back in the future if he chose to return to Ann Arbor."


Charles Avsharian, President

Shar Products Company, Ann Arbor MI


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