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Eric Hamilton

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Eric Hamilton - Recommendations and Letters

This page is devoted to some of the feedback I've received throughout my career from various folks who have thought enough of my work to take a moment out of their busy lives to acknowledge the effort. Thanks to you all for your kind thoughts.  -  Eric Hamilton

Letters from friends and fans

Dear Eric: This is just a note on behalf of all of us in the Lyric Chorus - especially ME - to thank you for your fabulous work as Concert Day Manager on April 23 and April 24, 2005. You were fantastic! We have never had such a wonderful Concert Day Manager. Bill and I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING! Everything was taken care of before we even thought of it, and even things we hadn't thought of at all. You have no idea what an incredible relief it is on concert day not to have to worry about management things. We had that blessing this past concert.

Thank you for your superb work.

Cheers, Helene Whitson, President San Francisco Lyric Chorus



May 16, 2005 were heroic yesterday, and i thought you really got the recognition you so thoroughly deserve! talent, professionalism and good vibes: you are one in a million, mister!




May 16, 2005


We are so grateful for the instruction and inspiration you've given Zoe-She was ready to give up several times and is so glad she didn't!

Both my brothers were at the concert and were so impressed with the duet, and of course, your amazing accompanying throughout the concert. Zoe is so fortunate to be able to take instruction from such a talented musician !...Sincerely, Melissa and Zoe



10 / 09 / 02

   "Eric, I wanted to write and extend a great 'Thank You' for doing such a fantastic job in setting up my guitar... I am so impressed with your workmanship; you are a real craftsman in guitar technical work.

   I also want to thank you for all the great instruction I recieved in the short time I was around you in your shop. The correction on 'Leyenda (Asturias)' was enlightening... I also thoroughly enjoyed 'Music from the Great Hall'. I thought your (guitar) synth work was amazing and the rendition of 'El Testamen de n'Amelia' was brilliantly interpreted, flawlessly executed and played with a deep emotion and repose that is not often seen in players today.

   Moreover, I'm glad you liked my playing. It was very flattering for me to have that kind of response from such a seasoned and educated musician... As you can imagine, I very rarely cross paths with anyone who understands my personal passion for precise technique and theory that is pushed past the common mediocrity. It was nice to see this understanding in you...

Because of your inspiration, I am going to augment my talents, both technically and theoretically..." John Machnik, guitarist - Detroit MI




11 / 05 / 02

"Hey Eric, Paul (Reed Smith) checked out my guitar and said 'I really like this set up.' I told him about you; oddly he hadn't heard of you but he has now... Thanks for the great set up; even the man couldn't find a damn thing wrong. We talked quite a bit."  Gary Edwards - guitarist and friend of Paul Reed Smith.



Dearest Eric: Thank you so much for coming to make my day very special. It was...incredible... The music was so beautifully done... all of my favorite pieces. I know our audience, my colleagues and friends loved it, because they've told me over and over. Thank you again for sharing your talent with my friends.

Love, Helene

Helene Whitson, Author, Archivist and Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University



I played your recording of "Classical Gas" from "Music From the Great Hall" for a friend who has had classical training and been playing for 30 years. He smiled, took the CD out of the player, and stuck it in his bag. He told me, "This guy is so good that he doesn't need to dominate the recording, even though his name is on the cover. This is all about the music". I just got the recording back after a year. Keep playing.     Gary



06 / 07 / 03

"Hi Eric, Everyone was delighted by your performance in the Home Gallery June 1st... Thank you for your marvelous performance. I don't think our guests were prepared for something so wonderful. Sally" - Downriver Council of the Arts. SE Michigan



Reprints of Letters of Recommendation

August 22, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Eric Hamilton. Eric came to my highly recommended by Robert Gurney, music director of Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco and as well as of the San Francisco Lyric Chorus. Eric was Program Director of our “Summer in the City” Music Camp's Morning and Extended Care Program, and Music Director of both our AM Rockers Pop Rock Band. Eric possesses that rare combination of sublime musicianship and a thorough understanding of how young people learn best. His classes were lively and engaging, and he has a unique talent for communicating complex musical concepts in a hands-on way that gives his students not only the a thorough grounding in the theoretical aspects of music, but also their practical application as well. Eric has an extensive background in teaching, and his students are always eager to attend his classes. These “fun” classes have led to impressive achievements on the part of his students: his AM Rockers performed at our year end benefit dinner and dance party after only 5 days of rehearsal!. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like more information about this inspired and gifted teacher.


Leela Pratt, Executive Director


Dear Eric, Thank you so much for playing at our First 1987 Ann Arbor Tasters Guild dinner, "An Evening in Burgundy at the Moveable Feast."  Your playing elicited many favorable remarks and we look forward to a continuing relationship. Please feel free to use me as a reference any time.  Sincerely, Pat Pooley

This letter is to verify that Eric Hamilton has entertained in Charlie's Lounge from Oct. 1984 through August 1985. Eric is versatile, on time, dependable and easy to work with. I am sure he will be booked in the future, as I would be hard pressed to find another entertainer who would be more of an asset to our lounge business.


Michael Anderson, F&B Dir.

Holiday Inn - Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco CA


05 / 24 / 84

   Eric Hamilton was employed by the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts in 1983/84 as our primary Classical and Rock guitar instructor. Eric worked at the center 5 afternoons a week instructing both private and class students. He was dependable and well prepared.

   My favorite memory of Eric was with his beginning guitar class in performance at the 1983 winter Holiday Concert. There were only six students ranging in age from a senior citizen to a seven year old and all of quite different backgrounds. They played together, soloed, sang and Eric accompanied them when necessary. It was so apparent to me that they enjoyed their ten minutes on stage, and that Eric had the gift of presentation.


Camille Alexander, associate director

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

San Francisco Bay Area


10 / 11 / 82

   I would like to recommend to you Eric Hamilton as a very qualified guitar teacher. He was employed at Sebastian Music Center, Inc. from Jan. through Dec. of 1978. He teaches beginning through advanced students in all styles of guitar playing.

   While he was employed by us he was a well very liked and dependable teacher with a full schedule. We were sorry to lose him.


Donald P. Sebastian, president

Sebastian Music Co. Inc.

Youngstown, OH


11 / 10 / 82

   This is to introduce Eric Hamilton, an extraordinary guitarist, arranger, composer and vocalist. While employed with JMS productions between July 1979 and Dec. 1982, he was an extremely hard worker as well as a very sensitive musician.

   I would highly recommend Eric Hamilton as a first rate performer or instructor in all fields of music.

Yours Truly,

Joseph Costarella

JMS Productions


Eric has played a key role in providing excellent guitar lessons for the children at our school. He is punctual, responsible, and passionate about music and it shows in his students. I have recommended him to other schools and look forward to working with him every year.

-Elias Rodriguez, director after school programs, Cathedral School for Boys – Grace Cathedral, San Francisco CA.



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