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Eric Hamilton

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Eric Hamilton - Arrangements / Transcriptions

Eric Hamilton is currently head of the guitar dept. at the Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts (COVA) located at the Golden Gate Academy in the Oakland Hills.
During his stint with Headliner (1979-1983), Eric was one of three musical arrangers, tooling pop music of the day to conform to the band's instrumentation (two keyboardists, trumpet, sax, guitars, bass, drums, and four to six vocalists).  The band selected thousands of songs and was able to create arrangements on the spot based on the familiarity each member had with the others' styles, a familiarity that comes only after many, many rehearsals and performances.
Eric has arranged music for his former guitar/dulcimer duo and for the recording group Mimosa.  He arranged all the material for his CD, Music from the Great Hall, for classical, 12-string, and synthesized guitars with chamber orchestra.
Eric has been contributing to arrangements of Mason Williams' music for an upcoming collaborative CD of Williams' works for guitar and orchestra.  Also, he has been asked to arrange string quartet parts for several local singer/songwriters who are currently recording their own projects.
Most recently, Eric transcribed Honigger's "Cantabile de Noel," for the San Francisco Lyric Chorus, as well as the "United Nations Anthem" that the Chorus performed at the 65th anniversary celebration for the U.N. performed at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.
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