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Eric Hamilton

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Eric Hamilton - Instruction / Music Education

Christopher Parkening and Eric Hamilton
Master Class 2000 - Montana State University

Throughout his performing career, Eric Hamilton has taught classical guitar to several thousand students, adapting his techniques to include both group study and private instruction.  Currently, he is accepting private students in the city of San Francisco by appointment

Eric Hamilton has studied with Christopher Parkening at Montana State University 2000; Roland Dyens, professor, Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris, 2006, composer / guitarist, Mason Williams, Ron Galen (Contra Costa College); Paul Henry (Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and the Chicago Institute of Music) and David and James Kalal (Dana School of Music, Ohio State University (Youngstown). He also studied music theory with Dr. Phillip Catlinet at Carnagie-Mellon University. He currently studies with Robert Gurney, music director at Grace Cathedral and the San Francisco Lyric Chorus.  Maintaining the traditions of Andres Segovia and Christopher Parkening, as well as applying a "natural" approach to the guitar, his high-energy yet low-key approach has been an inspiration to his many students.  As maestro Parkening says, " matter what it is you play, play it beautifully..."  By living this message as an artist, and clearly communicating what is required both physically and mentally to play the guitar properly, Eric has produced many very satisfied students.  (See Eric Hamilton - Recommendations and Letters

Yerba Buena Plaza
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Eric Hamilton

Yerba Buena Plaza
Free Lunch

EricHamiltonMusic (c) 2006

Eric teaches Guitar classes and Rock Ensemble at the Conservatory of Vocal / Instrumental Atrs (COVA) at the Golden Gate Academy in the Oakland hills and at the French American School, Cathedral School for Boys, and the Katherine Delmar Burke School for Girls all in San Francisco. He has taught guitar at the Arts Consortium of Cincinnati, music education within the Canyon Country Unified School District, Los Angeles County and at a host of music stores and private studios over the past 25 years all across America.  Presently, Eric offers private classical guitar instruction by appointment to San Francisco residents.


Eric finds special inspiration introducing music to a new generation of performing artists From 2004-7 he coached the band "Free Lunch," a diverse Rock group of hugely talented young teens. "Free Lunch" gained special attention on many stages throughout the Bay Area. In October of 2005, they performed at Yerba Buena Gardens for a captive audience of several hundred listeners including San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. That same year, Mayor Newsom  awarded him the Certificate of Honor for his work with the musically talented youth in the city and county of San Francisco and he has been invited to perform several times at San Francisco City Hall. In 2006, Free Lunch kicked off a major fundraising program in San Francisco, Free Lunch for African Kids. Their goal, to provide medical aid and supplies, school supplies, and food directly to two orphanages in Zambia (2006) and Uganda (2007). A month-long journey to Kenya and Uganda by Free Lunch member representatives took place in August, 2007.



Some letters to Free Lunch recognizing their global efforts:


     Fantastic, good on you guys, Jenny is a member of the Friends of Ebenezer Australia fund raising Team. So now I add my congrats to you and hope and trust that you will continue to help others in need and especially these kids on the streets in Livingstone for they sure need to come into the Ebenezer Trust School. So whatever you can continue to do will be greatly appreciated by those who have no way of helping themselves; the poor and orphanaed kids in Livingstone Zambia. So bless you guys heaps.
all love
Lenore Burton Maleny Qld Australia                               Nov 11, 2007, 05:29 PM


    global care unlimited: wow- I wouldn't think that people would go to such limits to help others. Here where I go to school, we have clubs called WITS and Global Care Unlimited- we're trying to build a school in Ethiopia. Keep up the good work!                                                                     Oct 7, 2007, 02:05 PM



Jenny & John: Dear Christina, Thank you for the Ebenezer story. It is so encouraging. We are part of a group in Australia who also support Ranji and we know just how hard it is for these children. Knowing that you are also now raising funds to give these children a 'hand up' helps us to press on with all our fundraising efforts too. Thanks so much for putting Ebenezer on your page/blog.
Cheers Jenny                                                              Aug 20, 2007, 07:28 AM




Some letters from students and parents of students

Eric has been working with my son for a year now and I am amazed at the level of progress my son has made. Eric continues to inspire my son while building his repertoire, and fine-tuning his skills. Eric expects a certain level of commitment from his students and he receives it because of the level of mutual respect he fosters. I highly recommend Eric to anyone who is serious about playing the guitar!

-Renee O.


May 16, 2005


We are so grateful for the instruction and inspiration you've given Zoe-She was ready to give up several times and is so glad she didn't!

Both my brothers were at the concert and were so impressed with the duet, and of course, your amazing accompanying throughout the concert. Zoe is so fortunate to be able to take instruction from such a talented musician !...Sincerely, Melissa and Zoe


May 16, 2005 were heroic yesterday, and i thought you really got the recognition you so thoroughly deserve! talent, professionalism and good vibes: you are one in a million, mister!




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